ser jorah mormont and ser barristan the bold in: khaleesi’s sidekicks

     I     never     forget    a     face.

"The show [breaking bad] was a masterpiece. In the comments section of the piece I did not write, the following sentiment would have been echoed dozens of times over: “What the f—- do you know because you f—-ed up Lost?!?” Three years later, it appears that it is not just enough to love Breaking Bad’s finale. You also have to hate ours. Yeah, I know. Waaaaaah for me. I should go cry into my barrels full of money. I stand by the Lost finale. It’s the story that we wanted to tell, and we told it. No excuses. No apologies. I look back on it as fondly as I look back on the process of writing the whole show. And while I’ll always care what you think, I can’t be a slave to it anymore. Here’s why: I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really … I was alive."
Damon Lindelof on the Lost and Breaking Bad finales (via robbstark)


"harry james potter," harry said, "you were named after the bravest man i ever knew. it was me. i’m awesome." 


→ au meme challenge: Time twist: Game of Thrones as modern au: In buisness you win or you die, there’s no middle ground!: requested by wingsroad


Shingeki no Kyojin: The Defeated

Manga vs Anime

Totally nailed it